Mega kebab in nagoya osu!



I went to Mega kebab in Nagoya last week^ ^

Mega kebab is HALAL-certified. so friendly for Muslims.

they don’t use any pork, alcohol and non-HALAL foods.

I ordered chicken pita medium. looks so good, isn’t it?

price was 500yen.

taste was really good, clerk was put some chili souse for me. thanks:)

after that, I visited catholic cathedral in Nagoya.

its not available to take photo inside the cathedral,  so I couldn’t take picture , but it was so cool cathedral.

inside is filled with a solemn atmosphere and calms me down.


Nagoya is multi-cultural city, there are many different religions. thats not normal in other place of japan. because japan is not multi-cultural society and almost all people are buddhist.

but to experience other culture and religions is wonderful thing. I hope more japanese would be interested about other culture and religions. and learn about them 🙂


Mega Kebab
map→google map
Official website→Mega Kebab



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